Friday, July 10, 2009

a voyage of songs pics....

quo ping from behind!!!

yeeching with pn chooi's sunglasses

mr burger writes.....honono honono umama...... know, south africans know their native tongue well..

britain ftw?

from left: me, jingle jiejie, brendan ooi, kahlen neow, annelisse lee, edward tang
my friends from butterworth!!

sam, david and a blinking me

eason chan lookalike with me!!!

me and shihao!!!

indonesia boleh!!!!!!!!

england fans!

yeeching and british girl...

british pro conductor with me!!

mr burger having a drink

quo ping and me!!

pro hong kong girl with me!!

cantamus choir performance

this was the second song in which they sang during the grand finals

too bad i cant upload the first song....the file's way too big

Sunday, July 5, 2009

voyage of songs day 2

again let the pics do the talking!!

MIA ladies chorus

the cantamus girl's choir from britain...they were awesome!!

by far the liveliest choir i've ever seen!!! from indonesia, the voca erudita!!!

music office youth choir

solfeggio choir...they have the best soloists around lol....sound like christina aguilera

and i present to you the cantamus girls' choir performance in the chamber choir category

sorry coz i just recorded a part of the whole performance lol

a voyage of songs day 1

once again i'll let the pics do the talking

berjaya waiting room...full of our members!!

the logo

lol at ''AV''......some porn meh....haizzz

outside the grand ballroom

the grand ballroom....average

i took this and erny called me hurry up stage liao

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