Wednesday, December 30, 2009

what's the difference between the taiwanese and the malaysians?

Let's be honest with ourselves. They are way better than us.

In the hotel rooms, i browsed through all 80 something channels provided by satellite TV. (note: in all of the 7 hotels i stayed in, satellite TV -the complete package with ALL channels- is provided... how about us? i see vision 4 in most hotels in malaysia, with a limited Astro package in some)

We often watch TVBS Asia on Astro, right? Well, it seems we like their channels. How about them? Nah.. no company in Malaysia providing such coverage like TVBS in Taiwan... which means they wouldnt have the chance to watch our local shows... even if they can, would they even consider putting Malay channels into their satellite TV services??

They have a very conservative mind as well. ALL of their rubbish bins are categorised into 'recyclable wastes' and 'other wastes', to promote recycling. Well then, what about us? We have plenty of 'kitar semula' campaigns which are mostly big talk and no action.. it seriously reflects our image towards the outside world concerning our attitude towards conservation of the environment.

One other side note: I noticed that in the cities, even the major ones like Kaohsiung and Taipei, rubbish bins are hard to find(irritated me once when i couldnt finish the super-tall ice cream and was thinking about throwing it away). But then again, the place is virtually free of rubbish. This shows the Taiwanese's attitude towards trash management. They care for their cities' cleanliness and are willing to work hand-in-hand with the city council to improve the hygiene of the local populace.

Oh, and if you might be asking, how about their 'pasar malam's(夜市)street cleanliness? Well, i can tell you that it's far cleaner than the Malaysian venues, by a distance, though there will be inevitable litter.

Their courtesy is second to none.

The 7-11 shops are ever present in the island(it's like...there's an outlet in every single building in East Taipei). And in every single one of the 7-11 outlets, the shopkeeper/cashier greets me with a loud and clear “光临!”(welcome!) whenever i enter or go out of the shop. Tell me if you ever encountered such courtesy in Malaysia. And specify which outlet. (Teluk Kumbar outlet has it...i love my town xD)

And the courtesy isnt just limited to 7-11 outlets or other convenience stores. The hotels and restaurants have the same habit as well. The Starbucks dude was extremely welcoming too.

In the underground station, i didnt know that we need to queue up to get into the trains. Yes.. we need to queue up. Manners learnt since we were small. Yet again, do you ever see us practising it in our LRT stations?? I felt kinda ashamed when i skipped queue. I allowed the people behind me to enter the train first, as a token of respect.

Oh, and for the record, their taxi-drivers DO USE METERS..

do stay tuned for other interesting taiwan-related posts.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

i'm at taiwan.

yes. please do add me up on facebook to see the photos i took.

it's been a tiring day and i need some games of FIFA 10.

i'm not in the mood to blog right now ;P

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