Thursday, December 23, 2010

One month hiatus ends.

At last the laptop arrived. Thanks a lot, Dad. A fitting Christmas gift :)

Oh, and she's making me envious with her iPad :/

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Until December 30.

Only four things in my mind.

My new laptop's arrival.

Final exams.

Next sem's timetable.


Full stop. Nothing else. Mark my words.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Different Approach


The month I used to look forward to so much.

Not so since last year I guess.

How different post-16-years-old life is becoming. While you juniors are probably enjoying your holidays(working part-time, having fun with friends, hanging out in shopping malls, staying at home in front of the computer 24/7 etc), us, the older generation of modern teenagers have to bury our heads in piles after piles of notes, tutorials, books and get ourselves to immerse into our studies.

It may sound weird but I've had times when I would forget about my meals while doing maths.

What is life now? Studying? But at times it just seems so... unconvincing...

I needed a break. I need a break now as well.

And maybe God has responded my pleas.

My Inspiron 1520, just a month away from our 3rd anniversary, has left me. Chipset malfunctioning will cost around RM1k to return it to its fully-functioning state once again. So yeah, maybe it's true that I don't need a break after all. I need to have a change in attitude and approach.

I have to stay strong.

And this is the second November I'm going through without a holiday.

What a life, huh?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Testing Times

I somehow believe that every single challenge presented to us is a test of our perseverance and our ability to adapt to new situations as well.

Obstacles are put in front of you, not to obstruct you, not to demoralise you, but to encourage you to do your best to pummel through it. It might sound naive at times, but it's the only way, and it's what you have to do to achieve a goal you've been dying to reach for a very long time.

These are testing times, for it provides the proving grounds for me to show that I am capable of being a man, being someone who can take on situations independently, the stepping stones in my path of being a whole person.

Tests come often. In the form of responsibility(Accepting positions in societies, taking care of parents, be responsible for my own health etc.). In the form of relationships(Am I treating her the right way? Am I worrying my parents because I haven't eaten too much lately? Am I giving my friends the attention they so longly crave for?). In the form of performances(Test results going well? Where did I go wrong in this basketball match?) or even in the form of self-restriction('Let her have fun with other guys, she possesses her freedom.' 'Stop eating those chips right now...' 'Supper kills.'). Tests help us recognise our potential. With every step crossed, a new aura of confidence resides in you, and the more self-belief you have when similar tests approach.
試驗,我們經常會面臨。也許是在責任方面(接受在學會裡的職位、照顧爸媽、為自己的健康負責人……)。關係方面(我對他這她做對不對?我少吃會讓爸媽擔心嗎?我有沒有給我朋友他們需要的注意?)。性能方面(考試成績怎樣?這場球賽哪裡做錯了?)甚至在自我克制方面(‘她有她的自由,偶爾讓他參他的男性朋友吧’ ‘別再吃薯片了’ ‘宵夜=自殺’……)。一切探試讓我認識了自己的潛能。每個試驗完成了,一陣新鮮的自信心會在你心裡燃起,讓我相信自己能夠面對各種難關。

There will be times when you meet all kinds of people out there. Those with the nice-guy attitude who will be your best buds on a temporary basis, those with an agenda to utilise you and ditch you when their mission is done, those who just want to be close to you so that they can show you off to people, those who are willing to give everything for you because they truly love you, those who care only for themselves and do not think about your feelings etc. Knowing people helps us to have a malleable and flexible mentality. Call me two-faced, but for different people you just gotta treat them differently and make the most out of the initial ice-breaking.
你會在社會裡遇到各種各樣的人。那種‘好人型’、那種早就想利用你的、那種故意靠近你所以能夠炫耀的、那種願意為你做出一切犧牲的、那種自私的…… 認識各樣的人讓我們學會如何面對各樣的人。好的,你可以把我看成雙面人,可是這種態度就是必須實習才能讓我們前途有得好過。

At times I'm not sure of myself. Sometimes I just couldn't figure out why I have to do something to achieve my goals, thinking it was pretty irrelevant to them. Maybe it's true, but yet, maybe in the future I might find use for those 'useless' things I've studied.

As of now, my girl's out with her band(more guys than girls, obviously) to Malacca, I'm facing a transition period in life, and I'm struggling with my studies. Can I pull through this and make it out fine? I just need my doubts to vapourise and start doing things the way they should be done, not my way. I realised that I could not hold on to this kind of relaxing attitude anymore. Time whizzes by and the clock never turns back. I need... some time for myself.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where others excel, why can't I?

Sorry for the lack of updates recently.

It's true that my first trimester results have affected me much. Maybe a tad too much, but I'm not even sure myself.

I got a very disappointing 2.81 out of 4, which is very, very low for my standards(no offence to those who fared worse...). I checked my results and at once I knew that I had to improve my maths and chemistry(a subject I thought I'd do good on). So this new semester I'll be cutting down on entertainment and shower more attention on my studies instead, that's at least a 'new sem resolution'. Just hoping I'll make it through the storm in the end.

Well, contradicting myself as I may be, I've bought FIFA 11 for my personal enjoyment. I'll make sure it won't affect me too much as well.

I envy my friends who got way better results than I do. I try to find the what makes them tick, but in the end I still have to work harder, that's a conclusion I've come to anyways. It pisses me off to know some of them actually copy other's reports for higher coursework marks(screw my low report marks in the first sem) but I guess that's just the way life is.

I make comparisons with friends, but more importantly, myself too. How long has it been since I last really got a good result in exams? PMR? Damn it if I still can't figure out what went wrong.

And I should get more exercise. I seemed to have slacked a little too much than I've expected, Although my body mass remained the same, but I feel weak and fatigued easily nowadays.

Please, give me strength and help me persevere through everything that comes my way.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

分離 Separations

In my lifetime I've experienced many occasions in which I have to face inevitable separation with friends.

How was it like in Primary school? I don't remember much.

But thanks to a couple of photos I still keep in my drawer, I still managed to remember all of my friends, and who I used to be.

And thanks to Facebook, I saw how much they've changed since then.

Time flies, I enrolled into Secondary school, got myself a shiny head, gained shitloads of pounds.

I think life in Secondary made me who I am right now.

Most of my current interests were nurtured during my time in Secondary.

Five years passed, and my heart aches most when separating with my friends here.

I did not shed any tears that day.

Deep inside I knew separation was coming along.

After SPM, I went for National Service.

Two months and a couple of weeks passed by, everyone got to know each other very well.

Don't mention the racial problems in our country right now, I befriended some decent Malays as well.

Those moments with our Indian brethren are even more unforgettable.

Even on the day of separation, everyone cried.

But still, the tears just wouldn't come out...

Just had a gathering with my buddies from NS a few days ago.

Thanks for the time, guys.

My journey in life took me to Foundation year in University.

First semester ended with everyone in my tutorial class knowing each other just too well.

Was awesome knowing you guys, let's look forward to the next semester though.

Separations are slowly becoming common for me.

In the end, did we all keep in touch?

Honestly, we'll just say hi when whenever we meet, and that's about it.

With the exception of some of those closest buddies, we'll come out occasionally for a drink and chat.

It's true that I'm used to separations already.

That's why I never cry whenever there is one.

Hope someone unlocks my tears fast, and let me know how much it hurts when we leave each other.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

At Penang

When was the last time I ever got so stressed in life?

Should be SPM.

Back then I'd resort to spamming food into my tummy to reduce the freaking pressure growing as the days pass by. Heck that made me a whole lot overweight and maybe flirting with obesity. SO that method is

Oh well, nowadays, I got a bit too pre-occupied with my revision until I forgot to have my lunch, guess this is at least a better alternative than the eating one. The obvious consequence is that I'm losing loads of weight because of frequent meal-skipping(but heck, I'm not sure if I really looked slimmer).

The Finals have really been a PiTA(Pain in The Ass) and I'm just glad that it's over.

I'm not sure I really did my best but all I can do now is to hope that I'll maintain my freaking scholarship next semester.

All's OK until the side mirror of my car fell off on the highway back to Penang. Ahh can't believe this 'luck' I'm getting. It'll cost a whole crapload of money to get a new one, and it's really troublesome driving with just one side mirror for now.

I've been doing lots of StarCraft II lately, but I'm not in the mood to go for league games yet, since I won't be a frequent player.

Well, nothing much for me to say, back in Penang, relaxing my nerves and preparing myself for the next semester, is about all I can do for now.

Looking forward to the next semester.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fading Star.

천일 쯤을 만난 내 여자는
The girl I've been seeing for about a thousand days

눈부시게 예쁘죠
Is blindingly beautiful

아깝다는 생각에 연예인을 권했고
Thinking that her beauty was selfishly given to me, I urged her to try her luck on stardom.

그녀는 성공했죠
And she was successful

큰 인기를 얻었죠
Earning huge popularity.

Baby baby baby baby 그녀는star
Baby, you're now a star.

이제는 유명해
You're famous now

내가 주던 사랑보다 큰 사랑 받죠
And now you can get so much more love than what I can give to you

왜이리 왜이리 왜이리 왜이리내 맘은 텅 , girl?
Why, why is my heart empty, girl?

비어버린 쓸모 없는 상자 같은지
It's just like an empty, useless box.

요즘 부쩍 짜증이 늘었죠
Those days, when you got stressed out,

많이 힘든가봐요
You must have went through tough times.

내가 뭔가 도움이 되어야만 할텐데
I feel like as if I need to do something to help you.

난 할 수 있는게 없죠
But yet, there is nothing I can do.

연락도 쉽지 않죠
It's even hard to talk to you.

Baby baby baby baby 그녀는star
Baby, you're now a star.

이제는 유명해
You're famous now

내가 주던 사랑보다 큰 사랑 받죠
And now you can get so much more love than what I can give to you

왜이리 왜이리 왜이리 왜이리 내 눈은 콕, girl?
Why, why are my eyes filled with tears, girl?

먼지에 찔린 것처럼 눈물이 날까
As if it is filled with dust, my tears just keep falling.

그저 그녀를 행복하게 해주길 바랬던 세상이
The world that I had hoped would make her happy

보이지 않는 높은 벽을 세워 우릴 갈라놨죠
Has set up an invisible wall which has separated us.

점점 나를 멀리 하려 하는 그녀를
More and more, I know she is slowly pushing me away.

느낄 때마다 가슴 아파요
Everytime I feel it, my heart throbs so strongly.

Oh, Girl, Please, Come back my Star...

Baby baby baby baby Now Stop

나만 바라보던
The girl who used to look only at me

예전 날처럼 사랑스런 그녀는 없죠
That girl, she no longer exists in my life.

내일이 내일이 내일이 내일이 오기전에
Before tomorrow comes...

맘속 슬픔 다 지우고 다 잊을래요
I want to erase the sadness in my heart and forget her.

Baby baby baby baby 그녀는
Baby, you...

숨가쁘게 바쁜 일상에 어느 샌가 나의 생각
You barely have time to breathe in your busy work time.

따윈 하지 않는다는 걸 느껴요
I feel as if you do not even think me for once

왜이리 왜이리 왜이리 왜이리
Why, why, why ,why?

내 맘은 추억을 못 잊고
Does my heart cling on to the fading memories

자꾸만 날 봐달란 들리지 않을 기도해
And continue to silently pray that you'll take a look at me again?

Isn't it cruel when your girlfriend whom you've faithfully trusted and given all the support to her during hard times, just ditch you and let you rot off while she continues to gain stardom?

In many ways, one just has to be positive and look forward to a new life. Without the materialistic ex.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010










































Sunday, July 25, 2010









Friday, July 16, 2010

World Cup 2010- A Review

The FIFA World Cup(No idea why people would like to abbreviate it as simply FIFA....) 2010 has just concluded. And unless you're Bigfoot or some madman scientist plotting a doomsday plan for decades underground, you've definitely heard of the biggest sporting event ever in the world(with respect to the Olympics).

The 2010 edition was held in South Africa. The first few group stage matches were alright for most of us, taking the event one step at a time, starting with the awesomely-timed 7:30pm matches. Then came the knockout stages, in which the earliest matches were screened 10pm +8 hours GMT. By the semifinals, all matches are played at 2:30am, which is really a pain in the ass for the normal Malaysian society. But we still find a way to emulate the 'Cockroach Spirit(小強精神)' of never saying die by staying up late to watch our favourite teams in action.

And Sotongs suddenly became very high in demand.

So here's just a quick list of the highlights of the recently-concluded World Cup, from my eyes. Just my 2 cents anyway.

Best Team: Spain

The deserving World Champions achieved loads of records on their way to being crowned World Champions, including being the first European team to win the Jules Rimet outside of Europe, the first team to taste defeat at first hurdle but recover to capture the coup de grace, the champions to score the lowest number of goals etc.
Tantalising to watch when on form, the Spanish Tiki-Takas(short passing game) can be frustratingto watch at times(especially during corner kicks), but when polished to perfection, is totally awe-inspiring, cutting defences with a few moves. Xavi is instrumental as always, providing the most successful passing rate in this tournament, while his Barca partner Andres Iniesta wowed the crowd with some inexplicable moves, eventually scoring the most important goal in Spanish history. Credits must go to David Villa for finishing as the top scorer in the team with the goals that mattered most, during the group stages, the last-16 and quarters, which includes a 45-yard curler into an empty net against Chile. Needless to say are the contributions of captain Iker Casillas, whose saves against Paraguay and Netherlands handed the Spanish a huge boost in morale to go on and win the game.

With youngsters such as Sergi Busquets(my least-favourite player from the Rojas, for all that play-acting is just sick)Fernando Llorente and Francesc Fabregas(Arsenal captain not even in the starting line-up) coming through the ranks, there will be few who would dare say this would be the end of the Spanish Golden Generation.

A big round of applause to the perennial underachievers, for they have finally broke their quarter-final duck, and in such astounding fashion.

Best player: Thomas Muller

No offence to Uruguay stalwart Diego Forlan, who had an awesome tournament as well.

But consider this.

Playing in your first ever World Cup for mighty Germany, aged 20. Yes it does seem like something to be proud of, even by warming the bench is something like a dream already. But ending the tournament as one of the joint top-scorers and most influential player in the team, is another thing altogether. A thoroughly deserved winner of Young Player of the Tournament award. There were voices saying that Spain rolled the Germans over because of his absence, does seem quite far-fetched. However, who knows what happens when youthful audacity is augmented into the offensive Deustchland game plan?

Best Match: Uruguay 1 Ghana 1
The only match to make me scream(aside form the Final). Going in front with an early goal, Ghana looked like the saviours of Africa for the inaugural tournament in the Black Continent. However, the South Americans roared back with an awesome Diego Forlan free kick that rasped through the Ghanaian defence and into the back of the net.

The game went into extra time, in which one of the most controversial moments surfaced in the history of football.
A handball from Luis Suarez from the last Ghanaian attack to thwart the inevitable goal meant he got his marching orders before the craziest scene befell us viewers.

Asamoah Gyan, with the brunt of an entire continent on his back, hit the Jabulani towards the crossbar. The team was in despair. Penalties.

Credits to Gyan who coolly slotted the first penalty in the net. But things weren't so nice with the following penalties, in which Ghana fluffed two for the Uruguayans to have the advantage, in which their winning penalty was nothing of a fluke.

Cruel, but Uruguayans' underhanded approach won them the game and sent them into the semis.

Most improved team from previous World Cup: Spain

Few would dare stand in the way of Spain after their Euro 2008 triumph. The memories of 2006 in which they bowed out to a certain side in Blue was totally erased...

Best miss(for the lulz): Yakubu Aiyegbeni (Nigeria vs South Korea. 2-2)

Best Goal: Giovanni van Bronckhorst (Netherlands vs Uruguay. 3-2)

Worst Howler: Robert Green.
No, you don't need me to post this one for you, it's everywhere, becoming an internet meme also. I didn't support England, but this was such a disgrace to all the Three Lions supporters all over the world...

Most underachieving team: France
Italy comes a close second, but at least they did display flashes of brilliance at times. The absence of Nasri and Benzema among others left many of us scratching our heads in confusion. The French were totally underwhelming, beginning with a match in which they were totally uninspiring, ending with a game with a disbanded team. The training fallout didn't sooth worrying French hearts at all, and Domenech's ill-fated reign finally dropped its rotten curtain. Hope they'll fare better under Laurent Blanc.

Most overachieving team: New Zealand.
First time in a World Cup, and went unbeaten. Heck, even Spain could not do that. Kudos to the fighting Kiwis.

Most Scandalous Affair: Frank Lampard's disallowed goal.

Later, came Tevez's offside goal.

But this was the more controversial one. Technology beckons.

Most underachieving player: Wayne Rooney.

For all the hype of Lionel Messi and him grabbing the headlines prior to the start of South Africa 2010, he was an utter disappointment, finishing with no goals. He must recover or else he might even lose his starting place in Man United to the promising Javier Hernandez(at least he scored, right?).

Lots more, right?

Friday, July 2, 2010


在拉曼好像很久一下了,不知不覺跑出來了一個Mid-Term Test,久違考試的我,當然會有些不習慣……


我聽同胞們說,拉曼大學的四個英文省略 U.T.A.R可擴稱為University of Tutorials, Assignments & Reports。這個道理且然有意思。今日剛好是交上生物課報告的截止日期 ,突然在星期三來了個物理報告,截止日期是今日。當時看到在白板上,導師提供了好多好多眼花繚亂的複雜等式。若還是身為極度懶散中學生的我,早都不理它,向朋友們借來抄抄去算了。忽然發現自己真的長大了,開始對功課負起了責任,就拼下去把它完成。但在某個部分,發現到自己犯了不小的失誤,好不容易在最後才發現哪裡做錯了什麼。這裡的功課不但比中學的多以幾層,也深奧了不少!!未完成的物理課報告,忍着放在一旁。就在星期四,又跑來了一個化學課報告,截止日期,又是星期五。夠力了。就發威趕快在當天完成它。做完了一份報告,真的讓人有種“滿足感”。但還有那些練習題,又是星期五要討論的,真的有點懶得理它們了……















Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life@Kampar- Part 1

I know people always complain of my blog being too saturated with text instead of pictures.

Tons of apologies(and I mean TONS) for that, I'll try to make up with some interesting stories then..

Guess what? I'm here in Kampar(see that small little ochre province in the center of the map?) for nearly a month already.

Kampar has very punctual weather!!!

This is what the place looks like (nearly)every evening, at 5pm.

(nearly)Every afternoon and morning people are always saying the same things





ahh enough of weather things... what's famous in Kampar?

Stop reminding me of 'Kai Zai Beng(雞仔餅)'' or literally 'chicken biscuit'...i've never had one before, but there's a very interesting signboard saying ''Have you tasted the goodness of (vagina) CB?''

and of course to (nearly) every restaurant we went, there's this dish that appears in every single menu...

it's quite nice to be honest, the Chicken Chop Rice(雞扒飯), available with a choice of sauces(Black Pepper, Mushroom, Sweet 'n' Sour etc)..

There's a Pasar Malam/Night Market/ 夜市/ночной рынок / رات مارکیٹ every Wednesday night(during those rare nights when it would NOT rain).

Lots of food are sold there, including a fake 'Prosperity Burger', half the size of the thing you are salivating on below.

...Taiwan Sausage(虹橋one, so quality assured)

...mee goreng

...RAMLI BURGER(there's one stall with that awesome black pepper sauce)

...fried ice-cream

Oh well, there are 2 KFCs and a Pizza Hut outlet over here(Oh, and one Sushi King to throw in for good measure). But no McDonald's.



Oh wait, I'm getting dramatic again. Apologies...

Stay tuned for the next chapter of the Life@Kampar series, with more pictures, hopefully!

Until then,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Me and the Car.

It's been a full year since the first time I stepped into the driving seat with the intent of maneuvering the machine.

And what a year it has been!! Driving around Penang in only one type of car(the only carS I've ever driven are both made in Malaysia, both Perodua cars(screw Proton/EON for their money making schemes!!), the Kancil- also known as the 'milo tin on wheels' and the more reliable Myvi) has been quite an experience. Oh wait, there were those times when dad let me drive his 1996 Toyota Prado as well... big cars always have a feel-good factor affecting you, trust me.

I remember during my first few outings I couldn't really control my car yet, and I tend to step on the throttle when I reach sharp turns(yes, I managed to steer it...with a little bit of difficulty...but do not try this, because it IS a foolish move). Experience gained, I managed to get myself involved in one or two accidents that quite dented my confidence... but learn from it, and pick yourself back up, and of course, be more careful the next time =.=

I remember during my childhood years, when I was around 5 or 6, I would like to be seated in the driver's seat whenever dad went out of the car and called me to wait inside. Mum and Dad always warned me against even laying a finger on the gearbox.

Made me wonder why in my kiddy years :D

I would step on the throttle(right one in the picture below)and listen to the VROOOOOOOM sound humming from the engine of the car. And also don't forget the rising of the rpm meter as well XD

Made me feel like RACE CAR DRIVER lol.....

I was thinking about all these childhood memories the moment I reached home.

Oh dang, running out of petrol ...but still need to drive myself around town for the last time before leaving for Kampar!!

Thanks for the time, people.

For the time being,

Friday, May 14, 2010

Less than two weeks!

Yeah, less than two weeks left before i leave for Kampar.

Most of my buddies have already started their studying life, whether it be at matriculation academies or form 6 or colleges...
Screw you people who keep bragging about your respective orientations!! Mine will top all of yours!! ;)

Envious of those who obtained their JPA scholarships.. a big congratz to all of those who got them!! :)

So this is not the first time UnsungsUnseensUnnoticed has been revamped, but I'll try to see what I can do to make this blog more user-friendly and look nice at the same time.

Until then..

Monday, May 10, 2010

form 6 day 1

woke up early(a long while since i last did it!), got ready and reached school by 7:30am.

nothing much on this first day though.

registered and sat with a group of my buddies for the orientation, which is just a mumble jumble of introductions to the form 6 syllabus.

Pengajian Am, Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I made up my mind deciding to go for a 2 week trial of biology(even if the teacher was boring..)

Upper six students then proceeded to offer revision books at ultra low prices(some at RM3, totally wth reaction). Needless to say, finished in a matter of minutes.

Let's see what's in store for tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Humming Urban Stereo

a very interesting Korean electropop band I've recently found out about.

their music is very much like the ones you listen to whenever you are in some hotel lounge or the so-called 'high class' restaurants(it's what people like to call 'lounge music'. But try adding some tight beats and bass lines, and it's basically what you get from HUS.

the band is led by a young man called Lee Ji Rin(Lee JeeReen), and has two female vocalists. Their works are mostly inspired by the going-ons around our society, and there are occasionally lines from French movies found in their songs. Remakes such as 'Lady from Ipanema' and 'Un Homme Et Une Femme(a man and a woman)' are also part of their discography contents.

I'm searching for their albums here in Malaysia, but has so far failed to find any. Might order from instead if money isn't too much a burden.

I'll leave the following clips to your auditory pleasure.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

the shortcomings of national service

NATIONAL SERVICE is a phrase you'd normally hate if you were to be involved in it.

some would say it's a nice experience, but injustice will never stray away from anything on this planet. yea, even people here who are supposed to be the mentors of the 'bright, new and innovative generation' have failed to be decent examples to us trainees.

it kept me fathoming how the government could allow such vermin to be in charge of building the new generation of calibrated leaders... ALL the time during my stint there.

here's a quick list of injustice the trainers/jurulatih/shit people (or whatever you wanna call them) did to us:

- while standing under the hot sun in the afternoon heat(2.30pm), the coaches go around facebooking in their air-conditioned rooms while leaving us to be dehydrated outside. Although we DID arrive early, the cowards continued their leisurely activities and when they came out late, we were punished for 'being late'.

- one of the coaches vented his anger on other companies when the company in which he was the mentor failed to win a certain competition (e.g footdrill, obstacle race etc.). we from the other companies were punished as well. all in the name of sheer jealousy and bias. pointless, no?

- one of the coaches broke her promise to us. saying that our attire for the next morning will be announced before 8.30am, our fall-in time during saturdays, the coach takes leave the next morning and left all of us(other coaches included) in confusion. we arrived punctually in the morning for the fall-in(in the right attire, a quick agreement to wear a certain attire was approved in the boy's dorm), but were still punished.

- obese 'coaches'(where did they get the right to call themselves 'coaches' i will never know) who can't even run properly. taxpayers' money spent on such people to lead the new generation?! it's a waste unless they are properly trained before inducted into the national service program!!!

- coaches who smoke and chain-smoke. embarrassed, they didnt have the guts to punish the trainees who smoke as well, causing non-smokers great discomfort from inhaling cigarette smoke. if the coaches cant be a decent example to us, please leave. it's a waste of taxpayers' money for your wages.

- no action towards smokers, although the matter is referred to the discipline department.

- camp commander knows almost nothing. during the Q&A session, he retorts our questions sarcastically, degrading our reputation for being 'questions-aplenty beings', saying our future will not be good and doubting us. nothing was answered in the end. why bother having a Q&A session at all?

- last minute announcements cause trainees trouble all the time.

- a coach orders the camp leader(penghulu) to report to him under the sun, while the coach stands under a shade. more insufferable vermin who are barely fit for the job.

- at night, there were times when we were called out to wait for nothing, causing us to sleep late.

-last-minute changes for bus departing times from the camp.

- time wasting when we were about to report out from the camp for our holidays. we were called to report out ONE-BY-ONE(imagine, 286 trainees in total).

- water service problems aplenty(pipe without water supply, showers without heads etc. ), even with numerous complaints issued. maybe only if we take drastic measures, they'll start to act.

- while visiting an army camp in our 'community service' program, we met soldiers who smoked IN FRONT of the trainees, while our coaches smoked in the toilets(i am a witness).

- meals are extremely fattening and sweet. it's lucky that i, for one, did not eat too much of the food there, otherwise i'd be suffering from diabetes problems now.

- we were allowed much time to stay in our dorms and have free time, doing practically nothing. when the activities(among them not finished in my camp are kayaking, jungle trekking, high rope..) could not be finished in time, the authorities blamed the lack of time(they could have done so much instead of giving us free time...).

- ventilation problems in dorm cause to sweat all the time.

- coaches will give you an order, but will give a different order when you report to carry out the said order.

- coaches are obviously racist. they'll give the 'locals' special treatment(ignore smokers, coming into dorms at night for a chat, buy them food etc.).

- all we had were talks about how to carry out our activities, while the activities weren't carried out at all. talk about only theory and never practical!!

- 'use big time to do small things, use small time to do big things' (basically, inadequate timing for activities, plenty of time for rest)

i don't know about other camps, but i am venting out my anger from my perspective.

i come from 1st batch 2010, sri impian camp, sg. bakap, p. pinang.

posts on this particular subject in other camps are greatly encouraged. it'll be nice to listen to what other trainees are going through in their respective stints.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

national service (week 6-week 9)

week 6

finally failed to curb my temper at those smokers... did some unnecessary things to stir up a whole new bunch of haters..
where are the coaches anyway? are they even carrying out their jobs??? this week signaled the start of the patriotism class, which is quite boring so far.. except for a few debates and essays, there is basically nothing much to do.. so much for augmenting our love for the country this way? =S anyway, this was probably more known for the week that we went back for the Chinese New Year holidays!!! hope all of you guys out there get your fair share of ang paos!! peace out.

week 7 and week 8

just returned from holiday and was thrown straight into the action!! time for M16 tryout and didn't do exactly well... but was a fun experience overall!! The we did the other fun activities, including the flying fox and abseiling. Although tired from the 2.2km walk to the venue(and another 2.2km back) , we did enjoy ourselves being one with the outdoors! We were successful in applying for holiday for saturday and off we go until monday!! When i came back, i was once again led towards the pressure cooker...i was to recite a traditional poem in cantabile style!! trying yo imitate Andrea Bocelli, the end result wasn't very amusing, i must admit... but i did get a positive response from my peers, and I should be quite satisfied with my performance!! it's been quite boring except for the water activities on thursday( time constraints caused me to miss out kayaking dammit). Friday is a holiday for the muslims so we did practically nothing for the whole day. saturday was equally boring and now here i am on this sunday morning. the most important thing? i've lost 13kg already!! =D

week 9

the week started off with our company emerging champions of the foot drill competition on monday. although not in the team, i felt happy for my mates nonetheless. the week continued with a birthday surprise for me on the stroke of 12 on wednesday. i was quite taken aback from my buddies' approach and was almost in tears when they sang the birthday song for me.. thanks guys!!! you all rock!!! thursday was the obstacle race competition in which we finished 2nd, but the main thing was to happen a little later... the announcement of the date the SPM results will be out on 11th march, so our national service will be ended early, on the 9th. it made so so darn happy i couldnt help myself but jump around!! but then again, to be leaving this place after more than two months... the feeling is kinda bittersweet... the week continued with birthday celebrations for four other friends and some photo taking which i will be proud to show to all of you here!! will be back on tuesday with loads of stories to tell!! ciao~

Sunday, February 14, 2010

National Service diary (week 1-week 5)

week 1

first week of NS has been all about adapting to a new environment and making new friends. If you are asking me for my opinion on NS so far, i'd say it's a waste of a teenager's time and energy. seriously, if you think spending time taking lessons on common sense, playing boring games and doing lousy marching drills with trainers who never make a good example of themselves, you should go for a mental check-up right NOW!! and don't get me started with the food. 6 meals a day... freaky? what's worse is that most of the food is either extremely sweet(which explains the high diabetes rate among Malays, obviously) or spicy, and is very, very contaminated to say the least. you like files loitering around your food? no, right? well, i've already nauseated once and i'm not looking forward to a second time doing so. but then again, i have been made welcome by my dorm-mates who are really helpful and kind. sharing the same dorm with four other schoolmates makes me gel in with ease. most of my dorm-mates are way cooler than me but they still treat me nicely, of which i am full of appreciation for. to be honest i have made many friends around camp and am beginning to understand their personalities. update soon.

week 2 and week 3

a fortnight of NS has passed without notice. somehow i felt it was just yesterday when i checked into my dormitory and settled in!! the activities are finally in full swing and it has been less boring compared to week 1. much has developed over the fortnight... people are beginning to fall sick, some have been some home, punishments are in effect, boys are starting to know girls well(not sure about any new relationships!!), the laziness of the trainers become more and more obvious, money is slowly being drained from my wallet and my crush developed gradually, only to find myself calling it off altogether(please don't ask me about it lah). more to come in a week!

week 4

so we've passed a full month of national service already. the highlight of this week must be the 'mandi hujan'(rain bath) we had during a monday night. most of us are only dressed in our undergarments as we danced and sang in the pouring rain!! it was by far the best memory i have had here, although our actions did land us into trouble in the end =P. then there was the occasion when some Malay vermin tried to play with our chairs during a gathering in the canteen. obviously they were the ones doing mischief, yet they think they can beat anyone up at their own peril. it was then when we noticed how impotent our leader(penghulu) was in dealing with the subject. and then there was the friday night roll call when the leader once again failed to do simple maths and the roll call went on for more than half an hour because he could not add up the total number of trainees present at the roll call. this was also the week i did my first night shift! thank God our camp isnt haunted. there werent much activities yet since it's still the 'preparation period' for our camp. i hope to write more next week! until then, cheers!! P.S i've got over my crush

week 5

fifth week of NS and i'm still alive.... okay, so nothing to be proud of, but well am i glad to have passed this week full of utter boredom! first it's the introduction to the integration program, which to be honest is a waste of time(the workbook is quite informative, however). then it was the performance event by each of the seven groups in the program. and hey, it was my first time wearing traditional malay clothes!(thanks, syafik!!) other than that, there was a steep increase in the number of trainees coming to the christian class during the religion classes every thursday and friday night. and to be playing the guitar again!! yeah i loved that feeling!! other highlights include the loss of handsets, the tattoo fever in my dorm and the introduction of the mentor-mentee program. expect updates !!

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