Sunday, February 14, 2010

National Service diary (week 1-week 5)

week 1

first week of NS has been all about adapting to a new environment and making new friends. If you are asking me for my opinion on NS so far, i'd say it's a waste of a teenager's time and energy. seriously, if you think spending time taking lessons on common sense, playing boring games and doing lousy marching drills with trainers who never make a good example of themselves, you should go for a mental check-up right NOW!! and don't get me started with the food. 6 meals a day... freaky? what's worse is that most of the food is either extremely sweet(which explains the high diabetes rate among Malays, obviously) or spicy, and is very, very contaminated to say the least. you like files loitering around your food? no, right? well, i've already nauseated once and i'm not looking forward to a second time doing so. but then again, i have been made welcome by my dorm-mates who are really helpful and kind. sharing the same dorm with four other schoolmates makes me gel in with ease. most of my dorm-mates are way cooler than me but they still treat me nicely, of which i am full of appreciation for. to be honest i have made many friends around camp and am beginning to understand their personalities. update soon.

week 2 and week 3

a fortnight of NS has passed without notice. somehow i felt it was just yesterday when i checked into my dormitory and settled in!! the activities are finally in full swing and it has been less boring compared to week 1. much has developed over the fortnight... people are beginning to fall sick, some have been some home, punishments are in effect, boys are starting to know girls well(not sure about any new relationships!!), the laziness of the trainers become more and more obvious, money is slowly being drained from my wallet and my crush developed gradually, only to find myself calling it off altogether(please don't ask me about it lah). more to come in a week!

week 4

so we've passed a full month of national service already. the highlight of this week must be the 'mandi hujan'(rain bath) we had during a monday night. most of us are only dressed in our undergarments as we danced and sang in the pouring rain!! it was by far the best memory i have had here, although our actions did land us into trouble in the end =P. then there was the occasion when some Malay vermin tried to play with our chairs during a gathering in the canteen. obviously they were the ones doing mischief, yet they think they can beat anyone up at their own peril. it was then when we noticed how impotent our leader(penghulu) was in dealing with the subject. and then there was the friday night roll call when the leader once again failed to do simple maths and the roll call went on for more than half an hour because he could not add up the total number of trainees present at the roll call. this was also the week i did my first night shift! thank God our camp isnt haunted. there werent much activities yet since it's still the 'preparation period' for our camp. i hope to write more next week! until then, cheers!! P.S i've got over my crush

week 5

fifth week of NS and i'm still alive.... okay, so nothing to be proud of, but well am i glad to have passed this week full of utter boredom! first it's the introduction to the integration program, which to be honest is a waste of time(the workbook is quite informative, however). then it was the performance event by each of the seven groups in the program. and hey, it was my first time wearing traditional malay clothes!(thanks, syafik!!) other than that, there was a steep increase in the number of trainees coming to the christian class during the religion classes every thursday and friday night. and to be playing the guitar again!! yeah i loved that feeling!! other highlights include the loss of handsets, the tattoo fever in my dorm and the introduction of the mentor-mentee program. expect updates !!

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