Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Humming Urban Stereo

a very interesting Korean electropop band I've recently found out about.

their music is very much like the ones you listen to whenever you are in some hotel lounge or the so-called 'high class' restaurants(it's what people like to call 'lounge music'. But try adding some tight beats and bass lines, and it's basically what you get from HUS.

the band is led by a young man called Lee Ji Rin(Lee JeeReen), and has two female vocalists. Their works are mostly inspired by the going-ons around our society, and there are occasionally lines from French movies found in their songs. Remakes such as 'Lady from Ipanema' and 'Un Homme Et Une Femme(a man and a woman)' are also part of their discography contents.

I'm searching for their albums here in Malaysia, but has so far failed to find any. Might order from instead if money isn't too much a burden.

I'll leave the following clips to your auditory pleasure.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

the shortcomings of national service

NATIONAL SERVICE is a phrase you'd normally hate if you were to be involved in it.

some would say it's a nice experience, but injustice will never stray away from anything on this planet. yea, even people here who are supposed to be the mentors of the 'bright, new and innovative generation' have failed to be decent examples to us trainees.

it kept me fathoming how the government could allow such vermin to be in charge of building the new generation of calibrated leaders... ALL the time during my stint there.

here's a quick list of injustice the trainers/jurulatih/shit people (or whatever you wanna call them) did to us:

- while standing under the hot sun in the afternoon heat(2.30pm), the coaches go around facebooking in their air-conditioned rooms while leaving us to be dehydrated outside. Although we DID arrive early, the cowards continued their leisurely activities and when they came out late, we were punished for 'being late'.

- one of the coaches vented his anger on other companies when the company in which he was the mentor failed to win a certain competition (e.g footdrill, obstacle race etc.). we from the other companies were punished as well. all in the name of sheer jealousy and bias. pointless, no?

- one of the coaches broke her promise to us. saying that our attire for the next morning will be announced before 8.30am, our fall-in time during saturdays, the coach takes leave the next morning and left all of us(other coaches included) in confusion. we arrived punctually in the morning for the fall-in(in the right attire, a quick agreement to wear a certain attire was approved in the boy's dorm), but were still punished.

- obese 'coaches'(where did they get the right to call themselves 'coaches' i will never know) who can't even run properly. taxpayers' money spent on such people to lead the new generation?! it's a waste unless they are properly trained before inducted into the national service program!!!

- coaches who smoke and chain-smoke. embarrassed, they didnt have the guts to punish the trainees who smoke as well, causing non-smokers great discomfort from inhaling cigarette smoke. if the coaches cant be a decent example to us, please leave. it's a waste of taxpayers' money for your wages.

- no action towards smokers, although the matter is referred to the discipline department.

- camp commander knows almost nothing. during the Q&A session, he retorts our questions sarcastically, degrading our reputation for being 'questions-aplenty beings', saying our future will not be good and doubting us. nothing was answered in the end. why bother having a Q&A session at all?

- last minute announcements cause trainees trouble all the time.

- a coach orders the camp leader(penghulu) to report to him under the sun, while the coach stands under a shade. more insufferable vermin who are barely fit for the job.

- at night, there were times when we were called out to wait for nothing, causing us to sleep late.

-last-minute changes for bus departing times from the camp.

- time wasting when we were about to report out from the camp for our holidays. we were called to report out ONE-BY-ONE(imagine, 286 trainees in total).

- water service problems aplenty(pipe without water supply, showers without heads etc. ), even with numerous complaints issued. maybe only if we take drastic measures, they'll start to act.

- while visiting an army camp in our 'community service' program, we met soldiers who smoked IN FRONT of the trainees, while our coaches smoked in the toilets(i am a witness).

- meals are extremely fattening and sweet. it's lucky that i, for one, did not eat too much of the food there, otherwise i'd be suffering from diabetes problems now.

- we were allowed much time to stay in our dorms and have free time, doing practically nothing. when the activities(among them not finished in my camp are kayaking, jungle trekking, high rope..) could not be finished in time, the authorities blamed the lack of time(they could have done so much instead of giving us free time...).

- ventilation problems in dorm cause to sweat all the time.

- coaches will give you an order, but will give a different order when you report to carry out the said order.

- coaches are obviously racist. they'll give the 'locals' special treatment(ignore smokers, coming into dorms at night for a chat, buy them food etc.).

- all we had were talks about how to carry out our activities, while the activities weren't carried out at all. talk about only theory and never practical!!

- 'use big time to do small things, use small time to do big things' (basically, inadequate timing for activities, plenty of time for rest)

i don't know about other camps, but i am venting out my anger from my perspective.

i come from 1st batch 2010, sri impian camp, sg. bakap, p. pinang.

posts on this particular subject in other camps are greatly encouraged. it'll be nice to listen to what other trainees are going through in their respective stints.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

national service (week 6-week 9)

week 6

finally failed to curb my temper at those smokers... did some unnecessary things to stir up a whole new bunch of haters..
where are the coaches anyway? are they even carrying out their jobs??? this week signaled the start of the patriotism class, which is quite boring so far.. except for a few debates and essays, there is basically nothing much to do.. so much for augmenting our love for the country this way? =S anyway, this was probably more known for the week that we went back for the Chinese New Year holidays!!! hope all of you guys out there get your fair share of ang paos!! peace out.

week 7 and week 8

just returned from holiday and was thrown straight into the action!! time for M16 tryout and didn't do exactly well... but was a fun experience overall!! The we did the other fun activities, including the flying fox and abseiling. Although tired from the 2.2km walk to the venue(and another 2.2km back) , we did enjoy ourselves being one with the outdoors! We were successful in applying for holiday for saturday and off we go until monday!! When i came back, i was once again led towards the pressure cooker...i was to recite a traditional poem in cantabile style!! trying yo imitate Andrea Bocelli, the end result wasn't very amusing, i must admit... but i did get a positive response from my peers, and I should be quite satisfied with my performance!! it's been quite boring except for the water activities on thursday( time constraints caused me to miss out kayaking dammit). Friday is a holiday for the muslims so we did practically nothing for the whole day. saturday was equally boring and now here i am on this sunday morning. the most important thing? i've lost 13kg already!! =D

week 9

the week started off with our company emerging champions of the foot drill competition on monday. although not in the team, i felt happy for my mates nonetheless. the week continued with a birthday surprise for me on the stroke of 12 on wednesday. i was quite taken aback from my buddies' approach and was almost in tears when they sang the birthday song for me.. thanks guys!!! you all rock!!! thursday was the obstacle race competition in which we finished 2nd, but the main thing was to happen a little later... the announcement of the date the SPM results will be out on 11th march, so our national service will be ended early, on the 9th. it made so so darn happy i couldnt help myself but jump around!! but then again, to be leaving this place after more than two months... the feeling is kinda bittersweet... the week continued with birthday celebrations for four other friends and some photo taking which i will be proud to show to all of you here!! will be back on tuesday with loads of stories to tell!! ciao~

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