Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life@Kampar- Part 1

I know people always complain of my blog being too saturated with text instead of pictures.

Tons of apologies(and I mean TONS) for that, I'll try to make up with some interesting stories then..

Guess what? I'm here in Kampar(see that small little ochre province in the center of the map?) for nearly a month already.

Kampar has very punctual weather!!!

This is what the place looks like (nearly)every evening, at 5pm.

(nearly)Every afternoon and morning people are always saying the same things





ahh enough of weather things... what's famous in Kampar?

Stop reminding me of 'Kai Zai Beng(雞仔餅)'' or literally 'chicken biscuit'...i've never had one before, but there's a very interesting signboard saying ''Have you tasted the goodness of (vagina) CB?''

and of course to (nearly) every restaurant we went, there's this dish that appears in every single menu...

it's quite nice to be honest, the Chicken Chop Rice(雞扒飯), available with a choice of sauces(Black Pepper, Mushroom, Sweet 'n' Sour etc)..

There's a Pasar Malam/Night Market/ 夜市/ночной рынок / رات مارکیٹ every Wednesday night(during those rare nights when it would NOT rain).

Lots of food are sold there, including a fake 'Prosperity Burger', half the size of the thing you are salivating on below.

...Taiwan Sausage(虹橋one, so quality assured)

...mee goreng

...RAMLI BURGER(there's one stall with that awesome black pepper sauce)

...fried ice-cream

Oh well, there are 2 KFCs and a Pizza Hut outlet over here(Oh, and one Sushi King to throw in for good measure). But no McDonald's.



Oh wait, I'm getting dramatic again. Apologies...

Stay tuned for the next chapter of the Life@Kampar series, with more pictures, hopefully!

Until then,

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