Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Different Approach


The month I used to look forward to so much.

Not so since last year I guess.

How different post-16-years-old life is becoming. While you juniors are probably enjoying your holidays(working part-time, having fun with friends, hanging out in shopping malls, staying at home in front of the computer 24/7 etc), us, the older generation of modern teenagers have to bury our heads in piles after piles of notes, tutorials, books and get ourselves to immerse into our studies.

It may sound weird but I've had times when I would forget about my meals while doing maths.

What is life now? Studying? But at times it just seems so... unconvincing...

I needed a break. I need a break now as well.

And maybe God has responded my pleas.

My Inspiron 1520, just a month away from our 3rd anniversary, has left me. Chipset malfunctioning will cost around RM1k to return it to its fully-functioning state once again. So yeah, maybe it's true that I don't need a break after all. I need to have a change in attitude and approach.

I have to stay strong.

And this is the second November I'm going through without a holiday.

What a life, huh?

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