Monday, November 28, 2011

If You Wish To Know

This is my timetable for the coming trimester. Don't know why but I'm getting restless easily nowadays. Did I enroll in the correct university after all?

Thursday, November 3, 2011


When I was young, he told me that I had great promise and potential to be a good violinist.

And what did I 'repay' him with?

Not even reaching Grade 8. That's quite... disappointing.

Rest in peace, Master Tan. May your legacy live on.

Someday I might decide to take my violin out and re-immerse myself in it once again to relieve the memories. Who knows?

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Suddenly I realised that you can do so many other things without certain distractions!

For me, that distraction has to be Facebook.

Yes yes I know how people compliment about it being a tool for the latest news and information and how it bridges long, lost and faraway friends together but seriously, it has actually become more of an obsession than a part-time leisure tool. One rule of life is to stop being obsessed with one thing that brings more harm than good.

The goal is to experiment how much better I can spend my life with, without the distraction of Facebook.

If there's anything out there that you, my readers feel like conveying to me, you may add me up on Google+ (which requires no approval haha, and my circles haven't even reached 60) or just follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and contact me through my DiGi number (Maxis number in hibernation mode due to malfunctioning W910i).
有什么事情就过来谷歌+加加我,或者在Twiiter 、Tumblr等跟随我,还是通过DiGi号码联系我。

Anyone asking me when I'll reactivate my account?
The answer ranges from tomorrow(any last minute group meeting/discussion using Facebook) to next year (yes, why not?) to the time I graduate (to show how much I've changed).

Have a nice day!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The First University Level Exam

Passed the first exam with GPA of 3.2

Content? Barely.

Happy? No.

One part of me wants to lodge for an appeal for re-evaluation of exam results, the other wants me to satisfied for what I've done and punish myself for being overconfident.

But it just seemed so wrong for my computer subject to get a measly B- when I seriously contemplated scoring -almost- the full 100 marks in the paper. Oh well, the same goes with cell biology, knowing that I can't answer just ONE question, but the others were alright, I was thinking about ace-ing this subject as well. That the outcome was a lowly B- meant I wasn't the most delighted person on Earth for obvious reasons.

I wish to see myself in the Dean's List in the coming semester.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Finally my first ever finals in degree life has ended.

Back at home, plan to spend my holiday wisely.

Work out, gaming, songwriting, movies, sports...

And then prepare myself for the next semester.

Avoid slacking.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getting Ahead of Myself

Actually I always doubt myself.

Why the fark am I aiming for 4.0 when my CGPA is at a lowly 3.1 during my foundation?

People may think I'm kidding or somewhat doing something almost similar, but for me, I don't feel easy seeing others being able to achieve it and yet I can't. I do not want people discouraging me from being able to be the best but if that's what they are keen on continuing, so be it.

Studying is like a football league season.

We all start at the same 0 points.

As the season begins, you'll see the better teams taking points faster than the weaker ones. In the end, the champions accumulated the most points, and wins the championship.

And those who failed to keep up with the rest are left behind.

There's no point in starting brightly and fading slowly as the season continues, you just have to be consistent all the while.

SO what's the hindering factor?

The fact that sometimes you have to face sleeping members during assignments?

The fact that you got careless in an exam question you are extremely familiar with?

Or simply because of the fact that you cannot keep yourself away from pampering yourself with entertainment?

I'd pick the third one without thinking.

Oh, and advice for some of you.

I don't mean to be lan si or anything like that but...

You shouldn't exceed 2 years doing your Pre-U studies. Anything more than that is...failure.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Football season returns

Honestly I've never looked forward so much to a new football season before.

Finally settling down with a group of footie fans and frequenting mamaks once again, I bask in the nightlife together with my fellow fanatics and enjoy our football in tandem!

As most of you should have known, the blogger himself is a prudent Man United fan. (Planning to buy the new 3rd kit for the new season, got myself the home - albeit a fake replica - kit at Thailand a few months back) We won the league quite unexpectedly last season (it was running to Chelsea in the early stages), reminding me that the league is not won in the first few matches of the season!

Third kit

Predictions for this season?

Us to remain champions again. Hopefully.
Van der Sar will not be easily replaced for sure and there'll be worried moments for our new number 1. I'm always skeptical whenever a keeper gets replaced after a title-winning season, such as Barthez being replaced by Ricardo, Carroll, Howard, Kuzszcak and finally, van der looks like we needed to try several times before we get the right one. Hopefully we get the right one on the first time though, for this season. I've watched de Gea in some Atletico matches and the U-21 WOrld Cup, and I must admit he's quick and agile, with a large physical presence as well. And he saves many penalties as well. We pray that he gives us the edge in matches where we least expect teams to sit back and defend, while managing to handle the pressure.

Lots more to expect from this United side too, with the vision (not tackling) of Paul Scholes surely to be missed, we will require some CMs to beef up and take their game to the next level. I for one am not supporting the idea of signing Wesley Sneijder. To me he's just overrated and hasn't been playing exceptionally well since the departure of Jose Mourinho and the World Cup.

I'd say we develop our youngsters and give them more playing time. Anderson has displayed some potential during last season, being able to thread passes and get into good positions. Cleverley played well on loan at Wigan, getting goals as well. But the playmaker role may not be used too extensively during the course of our campaign, which means we may well be playing with two defensive midfielders (Carrick - Fletcher/Gibson) most of the time. The wings will have more rotation with the arrival of Ashley Young. Either the industrious Valencia or the brilliant-but-frustrating-at-times Nani will have to be sacrificed to accommodate our new number 18. Young can play as a second striker as well. The arrival of Young also lessens Giggs' burdens as a left winger, and he will undoubtedly be used less in the coming season. Park on the other hand, will be transformed into a CM when the need arises, but he will of course be an invaluable asset to us, being a big-game player. He was one of the better players in the 3-1 defeat to Barca, stifling the runs of Lionel Messi. Obertan will need to take his game to the next level, after being labelled as 'non-Man Utd players' together with Bebe last season. Gibson needs more playing time, and probably will seek pastures anew, with his long range shooting not as prominent as before.

Our forward line will almost have Wayne Rooney as the central figure. Either Berba or Hernandez will be playing together with him. Shocked as Owen did not leave yet. With Welbeck and Macheda back, our forwards will have a lot to prove. Mame Biram Diouf is another one who will most probably not be playing much next season, but let's hope he's on the level of the two other loanees last season.

The defence will once again hinge on the Rio-Vida wall. Smalling has proved to be an able deputy for both, but let's keep our fingers crossed he won't be another Jonny Evans, who did well the season before last, but was horrid in our title-winning one. Phil Jones will be a replacement for versatile man John O'Shea, while the da Silva twins will both be given more time on the right flank. Patrice Evra will also be our cornerstone in left back unless he suffers from a huge loss of form. Brown will not be missed too much, hopefully, and we will have Oliver Gill to step up the plate in his absence.

It'll be good seeing us form an attacking line up for the new season, switching emphasis from 4-4-1-1 to 4-4-2 and to 4-3-3 if the need arises.

GK: David de Gea
DEF: Fabio da Silva - Nemanja Vidic - Rio Ferdinand - Patrice Evra
MID: Nani - Michael Carrick - Darren Fletcher - Ashley Young
FWD: Rooney - Hernandez

Subs: Lindegaard, Rafael da Silva, Phil Jones, Anderson, Park Ji-Sung, Ryan Giggs, Danny Welbeck

Our main title challengers will undoubtedly be moneybags Chelsea and Man City. Arsenal will probably not be a serious contender without Fabregas or Nasri, who are expected to leave, unless they beef up their squad. I pick Liverpool as our closest challengers. They are not involved in Europe this season, and have a large squad to choose from. If they fail to win a trophy this season it will be a little surprising. Manchester City will no doubt be serious contenders, and if their new Argentine signing comes good (I do not need to remind you of the impact the last major Atletico Madrid signing had on the BPL, right? He's the Chelsea number 9 anyway), together with compatriot Tevez they will have a strikeforce to be reckoned with. You just have that feeling that Chelsea, not being the big spenders yet, will not relish their chances in the BPL. They have consistency, and have a young coach at helm, it'll take time, but I don't see them being champions, with their squad aging. If old guards Lamps, Terry, Drogs or Anelka get injured, they'll be in big trouble. City can afford to have expensive strikers on the bench, and they have a deeper squad with able players. Tottenham can be challengers only if they keep consistent, especially with the likes of Bale, van der Vaart and Modric(isn't he going to Chelsea anyway?).

All in all, we should heed Rooney's advice and start with a bang, starting with Man City in the Community Shield tomorrow. Glory Glory Man United!

Friday, July 29, 2011

What's degree life like?

As most of you are aware I'm currently pursuing my Bachelor degree of science in biotechnology in UTAR.

Honestly I wasn't sure why I took this course but I'll leave that indecision for the coming years.

I've heard that degree life is different from foundation life, in that the course will be much more difficult.

So far I've not really got the chance to experience this 'quantum leap' in difficulty, instead I find myself having more time for leisure, and that doesn't mean that I'm skipping classes more often than not, because I've skipped classes less. Maybe it's because the tutorial classes are held on only 4 weeks per trimester.

Yeah, that should be it.

I used to spend large amounts of time at home finishing my tutorials (especially physics and maths ones, and since I'm not taking both domains this trimester, I'm free from constant exercises to remind me of certain complicated steps in order to solve mathematical problems or weird equations in physics leading to unexpected results). And giving me so little to do I know I'll slowly rot off before I have time to prepare myself for the finals.

Lab reports are more troublesome in degree. Instead of procedures, you write methodologies, which is about the same thing but still a bit different anyway. Oh, and your introduction carries marks. Loads of them. References must be written in APA format and conclusions are longer than foundation reports as well. But the absence of physics graphs are a huge sigh of relief. Believe me, I used to spend hours just to find the gradient and error percentages for physics experiments. However, lab reports do come out more frequently though, and the deadlines are tight. Squeeze in assignments and constant quizzes and tests (Cell biology alone has six), and you have a huge pile of workload in front of you.

The key to being free? Complete your tasks early. Presentations? Be the first group to present, and you can afford to be absent in the coming lectures without having to worry about your turn. Complete chunks of your report on the day of issuing, leaving the complicated stuff for later (definitely not pre-deadline day) and you'll have time for entertainment. But as always, study first. Quiz at the end of the week? Study during the weekend before.

I know I am not supposed to judge or give advice since my results are a little to the side of lackadaisical compared to most of you here, but if you happen to ask why I'm so free at times in this 'stressful' degree life, here's my answer for you.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

What lies ahead?

Posts like this don't come every once in a while.

Lately I've been reading some book I bought from a bookshop. It's called

Title is self-explanatory. How will modern science shape our lives by the year 2100?

*If you're thinking about teleportation, spoiler alert. There's nothing about it in this post.*

Call it irony if you may, but as to why I actually chose biotechnology for my degree course I do not even have a concrete reason. Honestly I'm more interested in physics, astronomy, nanotechnology... but it's true that all fields of sciences must work in tandem in order to move our society forward.

The laws of physics seem to have governed the universe for eternity. As for those who actually figured them out (Newton, Einstein, de Broglie, Planck to name a few), I can show nothing more than full respect and admiration for them.

We continue to grow exponentially day by day. Whether it's the human population, advances in gadgets or (admittedly, quality sliding down instead of going up) music and entertainment, there are many obvious changes since the turn of the century. You can bring a man from 1945 post-war Japan to the modern world and he'll probably say that he is in another world when you bring him to downtown modern Tokyo.

Our advances in computing have been predicted correctly by Moore's Law, stating that our computers get more and more powerful exponentially. Eventually we will have computers and the Internet in the future like we already have electricity and running water now. They will become basic commodities. Discovery of room temperature superconductors will lead to magnetic cars everywhere, and the roads will become obsolete. Fusion reactors will proliferate on the planet, ending the need to rely on natural resources and radioactive elements.

But two particular parts of this book actually hit me hard.

How, will nanotechnology shape our future?

how will the future of medicine be like?

Hypotheses may vary, but if perfection of nanotech particles are to be achieved, we can very much change the way society functions. Nanotechnology is the way for the future, at least in my eyes. We will most probably send nanites to other star systems since they require minimal amounts of propulsion to send them to near the speed of light. Nanites will also be responsible for regulating our human body, killing cancer cells by the second, thus we might finally find the cure for cancer. But the crowning glory of nanotechnology will be the introduction of self-replicating nanites. Often we see these in games such as Command & Conquer 3(those little things which repair your damaged vehicles near factories) and Megaman X(goo that replicates itself into two separate entities and does surface damage to you). It is ill-advised to incorporate artificial intelligence into these creations, but with the advanced computer technologies in 2100, it may be possible to control these little 'things' to avoid proliferation. Then comes the job of these nanites. To carry out several jobs deemed impossible by present day scientists (sticky fingers and careless hands, they say, prevent nanites from carrying out their jobs). Once such inventions are realised, one can create the replicator, the holy grail of material science. You simply throw raw materials into this machine, and nanites inside it assemble them together, giving you a wholly new material after processing. Science fiction? Maybe just for now, not in another 100 year's time.

For the future of medicine, the nanites previously mentioned are just one of the ways of curing previously fatal diseases. Gene sequencing and artificial plasmids get into this category as well. Our entire genome will be easily made available to us in the future, letting us discover which disease we are more prone to. However, one thing struck my mind more than anything, and kinda boosted my (wilting)interest in biotechnology.

The possibility of eternal life, or even reverse aging.

I realised that certain genes control our aging processes. We just need more time to search for these genes then we can manipulate them to our liking. (The discovery of sirtuins, proteins found in red wine that can ensure a longer lifespan when activated by resveratrol caused quite a media frenzy, with red wine businesses booming overnight). So if one can master the fundamentals behind this, he may reverse the aging process and extend lifespans(if one can manage to find why reptiles have such long lifespans, he can manipulate it at his own peril). And that may just be the tip of the iceberg.

These discoveries are not false. They may become prominent in the future. It's just out of our imagination for the time being(you can't envision us reaching the moon if you are from 1869, trust me). The only doubt for me is the perfection process, which might take more talent(and time) than we first envisaged to materialise.

I hope to be in the footsteps of people who have contributed to our future technologies, even if I might not make it to the day mankind see it for themselves.

Thanks, Professor Kaku, for the inspiration.

Do check out this website for more.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Nothing much to say here.

To those who didn't get their PTPTN loans, I'm sorry to hear about that.

But for me I do not like owing people something, especially this government organisation.

So, I didn't apply for it. Fact.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

To dance with my father again

Just to get a simple message across, whether he be alive, or has returned to the other side...Happy Father's Day.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Compilation Part 2- Miscellaneuos

-Sem 1-
Friends: Got to know all of our tutorial groupmates. Few others outside this particular circle, mostly those whom I've known before coming to UTAR.

Eateries: Besides the basic eateries in new town Kampar, notable new and never-been-to places include a Yong Tau Foo shop in the very heart of Kampar village and another in faraway Lawan Kuda(thanks to CF buddies :) )

Studies: Thought it'd be easy after the first round of tests but slacked out.

Co-curriculum: Participated in Talentime and got together with CF mates often. Midly active.

Timetable highlights: Monday classes start at 12pm.

-Sem 2-
Friends: After going solo for timetable arrangement, got to know more friends and get some new experience in handling group assignments. Still get along well with ex-groupmates. Some left after not being able to cope/got better alternatives.

Eateries: Still hung around the eateries in Kampar, but at least tried Old town stuff.

Studies: Tried hard to adapt because what I've heard was that this sem will be the most difficult out of the three. Surely the case after doing badly for first round of tests(exclude Physics), improved in second test, finals was a breeze.

Co-curriculum: Musical gathering performance. Highly inactive.

Timetable highlights: Tuesday's 8am-6pm classes, consisting of eight hours in total.

-Sem 3-
Friends: Still preferred to be with old group mates. Going solo for timetable again, met some friends but didn't keep in contact too long.

Eateries: Didn't venture past the ones I had in the last two sems.

Studies: Was doing well and avoided failures in tests, but screwed up Bio. Finals was tough. Glad to have came out unscathed.

Co-curriculum, participated in Talentime performances, watched Karaoke competition(was thinking about entering but due to time restraints, decided against it). Otherwise, inactive.

Timetable highlights: Followed my draft 100%. Skipped 80% of my Physics lecture(went to another one instead).

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Compilation Part 1- Results

Compilation of UTAR experience part 1 - Results

-Sem 1-
GPA: 2.8156

Critical Thinking: B+
Thought I'd get an A but seems my expectations are way off the mark. Oh well.

Mathematics I: B
Had no idea about a few questions in the Final paper. Did average otherwise in tests.

Physical Chemistry: B-
Faded out after scoring nearly full marks for Test 1. Must be because of electrochemistry. No idea why I seem to fail to grasp the main concepts of this particular topic.

Fundamentals of Cell Biology: B
Expected better, definitely. No idea why a B was given.

Mechanics: C+
Passing was just what was expected after totally flunking first 2 tests and getting low coursework marks. Luckily finals was a breeze and was confident in the end.

-Sem 2-
GPA: 3.2567

Effective Communication Skills: B+
High courseworks, might have did below par in finals. Also, narrowly failed test 1. Placed less emphasis on this subject.

Mathematics II: B+
Was hoping for the worst after super low courseworks(failed test 2)and facing calculus was never a good idea. Finals was a piece of cake, luckily managed to scrap out a B+.

Organic Chemistry: B+
Didn't do well in test 1, but got me reinvigorated to fight for the rest of the sem. Test 2 onwards was a breeze and was quite disappointed to have missed out on an A.

Introduction to Physiological Systems: B+
Didn't do as well in tests, but finals might have helped a bit. Quite average score too.

Thermodynamics and Electromagnetism: B
Loved part 1, despised part 2. Thankful for easy finals, but had terribly low marks in Test2.

-Sem 3-
GPA: 3.1498

Programming Concepts: B
Knew all the way it was going to be tough, but managed to get past passing mark and even though I've basically given up on last 2 questions still managed to get B. Discouraged to have found out didn't get at least B+ for compulsory sub.

Mathematics III: B+
Highly disappointed not to get A. What went wrong, no idea.

Inorganic Chemistry: A-
Disappointed not to get at least an A. Very easy subject. Well, at least it's my first A.

Modern Biology: B-
Did not do well in all sectors and knew this was going to be the end result.

Optics and Modern Physics: B
All-time high of 43/50 for coursework marks. Yet, failed to get A. Very tough and excruciatingly frustrating finals paper.

CGPA: 3.077
No, not a good sign for the years to come. Needs to improve more on study methods. At least more specialisation will be practised in the coming degree course. Get ready for a rocky ride.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Holidays have arrived at last.

What to do to let your hair down, fellow 19 year olds?

Movies, games, sleeping, chit-chat sessions, stayovers, hang-outs etc?

Well, everyday I'm willing to go out with friends and stay up late together outside before finally returning home.

To the uninformed, my home lies beyond the outskirts of bustling Georgetown and even the nearest hang-out place(Kayu Nasi Kandar) will take me around 20 minutes to reach if traffic is negligible.

Not that I'm complaining of driving sickness(yes, I'm very much used to driving already, short of my second anniversary of obtaining my driving license). Not that I'm worrying about what might happen to me if things go wrong.

Just that whenever I start that long, long journey back home after often enjoyable outings at night, I just feel so lonely.

Few people would actually dare to drive down the forest-surrounded(street lights malfunction 85.6% of the time)driveway to the airport but let me tell you it freaks the silly mind out of me at times. Honestly I didn't have the guts to look behind me at times driving on that dark, lonely road at 2am in the morning.

Good thing I don't use that route too often. There are alternatives as well.

Sometimes I just sit in my car singing aloud since no one's around. It's a nice feeling but deep down inside you just can't help feeling you need someone there.

There are some things I want her to understand as well.

Many times I have dropped her home on the mainland and drove myself back alone, crossing the bridge in the process.

It's always that lonely path back when I start to think of silly things the most. Maybe that's why I always drop by Coffee Bean to get myself some coffee/ice-blended drink to cure some unwell feelings.

Natural occurrences are that I drive alone most of the time. Feels lonely, yes. Might as well deal with it.

Just letting my fellow readers know the feelings of millions of other workaholics/lone rangers around the world :)

To my fellow UTARians, enjoy your holidays!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


"Wistful winds come and go. Gales may break one or two branches off it. Thunderstorms rage violently and snowfall might come at the most undesired intervals. Yet the oak tree remains proud, standing on the same benevolent hill where it watched over so many battles and peace treaties, people wishing each other well and people killing each other, other trees grow and wilt, and the development of the surrounding landscape. It had stood there long enough to withstand anything the modern world could throw at it."

There's one thing I've always asked people about. Why, do they cling on to their dreams and hopes although it was already as fragile as a sheet of thin Arctic ice under a Savannah elephant? Some might have failed, and failed they did, as they never came back, and are never the person they once were, completely eroded by society and time.

But for those who have withstood barrage after barrage of criticism and still remain standing, they have acquired the admirable trait of perseverance and achieved a monumental milestone. Like the oak tree, they never wilt. And they never will do.

I have seen friends who once celebrated scoring a goal in a match with me, played the recorder together with me, and attended my birthday parties, went on to become hugely successful students hosting the Jalur Gemilang to other countries. Someday they'll be the pioneers for next generation endeavours in science, engineering and communications. They'll be the next mega tycoons, earning billions by the second. And they'll be inventing machines able to bring us a step closer to extra-planetary human excavation activities.

Kudos to my buddies who have performed so well, for they will be successful in the years to come, if fate permits. And also largely owing to fate, I might be the one assisting them or better in their benign contributions to mankind.

On the other hand, I have seen other friends, whom I once shared my feelings with, whom I've lent a hand to when he fell into a drain, whom I whacked out of pure frustration for kicking me in a basketball match, getting into trouble with all sorts of self-inflicted tragedies. Some have become fathers at the tender age of 16. Some have been paralysed due to injury from street racing. Some have been forced to marry and start the life of a working adult. They once told me of their dreams to become the next best thing in history, to fight for the country and to make Einstein's theories look amoebic. Yet, they have fallen somewhere in their path to potential greatness and have failed to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My heart goes out to all of them, and may they fight for what is left in their lives, to make the most out of it.

I understand that by simple procrastinating, things will not change for the better even by a whimper. I have to put in effort and let my actions do the talking.

Fight for my degree. So that I may lend a gratified hand to mankind, rather than be a lackadaisical nuisance.

Starts with my MUET test tomorrow. Fight, for my future.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I'm such a lucky guy.

Finally I'm going to spend Valentine's with someone else for the first time in my life.

谢谢你宝贝,我爱你 !
Thanks Honey, I love you !

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I wasn't a big fan of Kay Tse. But after listening to this song on the radio, I started to delve deeper into her songs. From this song I could fathom how feeble one's stature could be at times. Unable to resist against salvo after salvo of life's various challenges and complications, and feeling like giving oneself a break and looking for motivation to resurface once again. To make it short, how she presented this song had a major influence on me getting these feelings while listening to it.

"What else is there for me to believe in, when promises and gentleness were already disposed of..."

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Semester Break's over.

What comes to mind when holidays end...
当假期要结束了 ……

...and the days in Kampar begin...?

- Back to study mode! (Notes again...)
- 又要开始读书了(做笔记咯……)

- Eating fried rice for dinner everyday.
- 每天晚餐就是炒饭

- Preparing for Talentime and other performances.
- 为各种表演作出适当的准备

- Passing up MUET application form.

- Watching football during weekend nights.
- 周末晚上的足球时刻

- Spending more time with her :)
- 与她有更多时间在一起 :)

- Reports galore.
- 又要交上各种报告

- Barely enough time to enjoy yourself back home during weekends.
- 回来家乡也不够时间好好去享受

- Church on Sunday morning.
- 星期日早上的教会

- Downloading of notes on a frequent basis.
- 常常要去下载那些上课的必有文件

Part of me wants this holidays to end, since I'm just wasting myself with not-really-beneficial activities around. Yet part of me doesn't want to go back to my supposed routine life.

Everyone has their own opinions about holidays. Yet I've not fully enjoyed nor benefited much from this 'much-needed' recharging of batteries.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Another set of holidays.

Well. Time management comes in handy again.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


2011 has arrived.

And that probably means:

a) We're closer to 2012

b) We're further away from 2010

It's the time when blog traffic is at its most saturated, when people blog about their new year resolutions, about how they celebrated the new year, highlights from the past year, random pics and Katy Perry songs.

I'd thought of doing the same but seriously I don't need to set expectations for myself anymore since failure to reach expectations always result in depressing situations. I'll get on with the groove and take one step at a time. Then we'll see how it goes from there.

Have a fun and prosperous 2011. Life's short. Maximise it :)

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