Saturday, April 16, 2011


"Wistful winds come and go. Gales may break one or two branches off it. Thunderstorms rage violently and snowfall might come at the most undesired intervals. Yet the oak tree remains proud, standing on the same benevolent hill where it watched over so many battles and peace treaties, people wishing each other well and people killing each other, other trees grow and wilt, and the development of the surrounding landscape. It had stood there long enough to withstand anything the modern world could throw at it."

There's one thing I've always asked people about. Why, do they cling on to their dreams and hopes although it was already as fragile as a sheet of thin Arctic ice under a Savannah elephant? Some might have failed, and failed they did, as they never came back, and are never the person they once were, completely eroded by society and time.

But for those who have withstood barrage after barrage of criticism and still remain standing, they have acquired the admirable trait of perseverance and achieved a monumental milestone. Like the oak tree, they never wilt. And they never will do.

I have seen friends who once celebrated scoring a goal in a match with me, played the recorder together with me, and attended my birthday parties, went on to become hugely successful students hosting the Jalur Gemilang to other countries. Someday they'll be the pioneers for next generation endeavours in science, engineering and communications. They'll be the next mega tycoons, earning billions by the second. And they'll be inventing machines able to bring us a step closer to extra-planetary human excavation activities.

Kudos to my buddies who have performed so well, for they will be successful in the years to come, if fate permits. And also largely owing to fate, I might be the one assisting them or better in their benign contributions to mankind.

On the other hand, I have seen other friends, whom I once shared my feelings with, whom I've lent a hand to when he fell into a drain, whom I whacked out of pure frustration for kicking me in a basketball match, getting into trouble with all sorts of self-inflicted tragedies. Some have become fathers at the tender age of 16. Some have been paralysed due to injury from street racing. Some have been forced to marry and start the life of a working adult. They once told me of their dreams to become the next best thing in history, to fight for the country and to make Einstein's theories look amoebic. Yet, they have fallen somewhere in their path to potential greatness and have failed to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My heart goes out to all of them, and may they fight for what is left in their lives, to make the most out of it.

I understand that by simple procrastinating, things will not change for the better even by a whimper. I have to put in effort and let my actions do the talking.

Fight for my degree. So that I may lend a gratified hand to mankind, rather than be a lackadaisical nuisance.

Starts with my MUET test tomorrow. Fight, for my future.

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