Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Compilation Part 2- Miscellaneuos

-Sem 1-
Friends: Got to know all of our tutorial groupmates. Few others outside this particular circle, mostly those whom I've known before coming to UTAR.

Eateries: Besides the basic eateries in new town Kampar, notable new and never-been-to places include a Yong Tau Foo shop in the very heart of Kampar village and another in faraway Lawan Kuda(thanks to CF buddies :) )

Studies: Thought it'd be easy after the first round of tests but slacked out.

Co-curriculum: Participated in Talentime and got together with CF mates often. Midly active.

Timetable highlights: Monday classes start at 12pm.

-Sem 2-
Friends: After going solo for timetable arrangement, got to know more friends and get some new experience in handling group assignments. Still get along well with ex-groupmates. Some left after not being able to cope/got better alternatives.

Eateries: Still hung around the eateries in Kampar, but at least tried Old town stuff.

Studies: Tried hard to adapt because what I've heard was that this sem will be the most difficult out of the three. Surely the case after doing badly for first round of tests(exclude Physics), improved in second test, finals was a breeze.

Co-curriculum: Musical gathering performance. Highly inactive.

Timetable highlights: Tuesday's 8am-6pm classes, consisting of eight hours in total.

-Sem 3-
Friends: Still preferred to be with old group mates. Going solo for timetable again, met some friends but didn't keep in contact too long.

Eateries: Didn't venture past the ones I had in the last two sems.

Studies: Was doing well and avoided failures in tests, but screwed up Bio. Finals was tough. Glad to have came out unscathed.

Co-curriculum, participated in Talentime performances, watched Karaoke competition(was thinking about entering but due to time restraints, decided against it). Otherwise, inactive.

Timetable highlights: Followed my draft 100%. Skipped 80% of my Physics lecture(went to another one instead).

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Compilation Part 1- Results

Compilation of UTAR experience part 1 - Results

-Sem 1-
GPA: 2.8156

Critical Thinking: B+
Thought I'd get an A but seems my expectations are way off the mark. Oh well.

Mathematics I: B
Had no idea about a few questions in the Final paper. Did average otherwise in tests.

Physical Chemistry: B-
Faded out after scoring nearly full marks for Test 1. Must be because of electrochemistry. No idea why I seem to fail to grasp the main concepts of this particular topic.

Fundamentals of Cell Biology: B
Expected better, definitely. No idea why a B was given.

Mechanics: C+
Passing was just what was expected after totally flunking first 2 tests and getting low coursework marks. Luckily finals was a breeze and was confident in the end.

-Sem 2-
GPA: 3.2567

Effective Communication Skills: B+
High courseworks, might have did below par in finals. Also, narrowly failed test 1. Placed less emphasis on this subject.

Mathematics II: B+
Was hoping for the worst after super low courseworks(failed test 2)and facing calculus was never a good idea. Finals was a piece of cake, luckily managed to scrap out a B+.

Organic Chemistry: B+
Didn't do well in test 1, but got me reinvigorated to fight for the rest of the sem. Test 2 onwards was a breeze and was quite disappointed to have missed out on an A.

Introduction to Physiological Systems: B+
Didn't do as well in tests, but finals might have helped a bit. Quite average score too.

Thermodynamics and Electromagnetism: B
Loved part 1, despised part 2. Thankful for easy finals, but had terribly low marks in Test2.

-Sem 3-
GPA: 3.1498

Programming Concepts: B
Knew all the way it was going to be tough, but managed to get past passing mark and even though I've basically given up on last 2 questions still managed to get B. Discouraged to have found out didn't get at least B+ for compulsory sub.

Mathematics III: B+
Highly disappointed not to get A. What went wrong, no idea.

Inorganic Chemistry: A-
Disappointed not to get at least an A. Very easy subject. Well, at least it's my first A.

Modern Biology: B-
Did not do well in all sectors and knew this was going to be the end result.

Optics and Modern Physics: B
All-time high of 43/50 for coursework marks. Yet, failed to get A. Very tough and excruciatingly frustrating finals paper.

CGPA: 3.077
No, not a good sign for the years to come. Needs to improve more on study methods. At least more specialisation will be practised in the coming degree course. Get ready for a rocky ride.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Holidays have arrived at last.

What to do to let your hair down, fellow 19 year olds?

Movies, games, sleeping, chit-chat sessions, stayovers, hang-outs etc?

Well, everyday I'm willing to go out with friends and stay up late together outside before finally returning home.

To the uninformed, my home lies beyond the outskirts of bustling Georgetown and even the nearest hang-out place(Kayu Nasi Kandar) will take me around 20 minutes to reach if traffic is negligible.

Not that I'm complaining of driving sickness(yes, I'm very much used to driving already, short of my second anniversary of obtaining my driving license). Not that I'm worrying about what might happen to me if things go wrong.

Just that whenever I start that long, long journey back home after often enjoyable outings at night, I just feel so lonely.

Few people would actually dare to drive down the forest-surrounded(street lights malfunction 85.6% of the time)driveway to the airport but let me tell you it freaks the silly mind out of me at times. Honestly I didn't have the guts to look behind me at times driving on that dark, lonely road at 2am in the morning.

Good thing I don't use that route too often. There are alternatives as well.

Sometimes I just sit in my car singing aloud since no one's around. It's a nice feeling but deep down inside you just can't help feeling you need someone there.

There are some things I want her to understand as well.

Many times I have dropped her home on the mainland and drove myself back alone, crossing the bridge in the process.

It's always that lonely path back when I start to think of silly things the most. Maybe that's why I always drop by Coffee Bean to get myself some coffee/ice-blended drink to cure some unwell feelings.

Natural occurrences are that I drive alone most of the time. Feels lonely, yes. Might as well deal with it.

Just letting my fellow readers know the feelings of millions of other workaholics/lone rangers around the world :)

To my fellow UTARians, enjoy your holidays!

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