Sunday, September 25, 2011


Finally my first ever finals in degree life has ended.

Back at home, plan to spend my holiday wisely.

Work out, gaming, songwriting, movies, sports...

And then prepare myself for the next semester.

Avoid slacking.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getting Ahead of Myself

Actually I always doubt myself.

Why the fark am I aiming for 4.0 when my CGPA is at a lowly 3.1 during my foundation?

People may think I'm kidding or somewhat doing something almost similar, but for me, I don't feel easy seeing others being able to achieve it and yet I can't. I do not want people discouraging me from being able to be the best but if that's what they are keen on continuing, so be it.

Studying is like a football league season.

We all start at the same 0 points.

As the season begins, you'll see the better teams taking points faster than the weaker ones. In the end, the champions accumulated the most points, and wins the championship.

And those who failed to keep up with the rest are left behind.

There's no point in starting brightly and fading slowly as the season continues, you just have to be consistent all the while.

SO what's the hindering factor?

The fact that sometimes you have to face sleeping members during assignments?

The fact that you got careless in an exam question you are extremely familiar with?

Or simply because of the fact that you cannot keep yourself away from pampering yourself with entertainment?

I'd pick the third one without thinking.

Oh, and advice for some of you.

I don't mean to be lan si or anything like that but...

You shouldn't exceed 2 years doing your Pre-U studies. Anything more than that is...failure.

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