Thursday, October 27, 2011


Suddenly I realised that you can do so many other things without certain distractions!

For me, that distraction has to be Facebook.

Yes yes I know how people compliment about it being a tool for the latest news and information and how it bridges long, lost and faraway friends together but seriously, it has actually become more of an obsession than a part-time leisure tool. One rule of life is to stop being obsessed with one thing that brings more harm than good.

The goal is to experiment how much better I can spend my life with, without the distraction of Facebook.

If there's anything out there that you, my readers feel like conveying to me, you may add me up on Google+ (which requires no approval haha, and my circles haven't even reached 60) or just follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and contact me through my DiGi number (Maxis number in hibernation mode due to malfunctioning W910i).
有什么事情就过来谷歌+加加我,或者在Twiiter 、Tumblr等跟随我,还是通过DiGi号码联系我。

Anyone asking me when I'll reactivate my account?
The answer ranges from tomorrow(any last minute group meeting/discussion using Facebook) to next year (yes, why not?) to the time I graduate (to show how much I've changed).

Have a nice day!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The First University Level Exam

Passed the first exam with GPA of 3.2

Content? Barely.

Happy? No.

One part of me wants to lodge for an appeal for re-evaluation of exam results, the other wants me to satisfied for what I've done and punish myself for being overconfident.

But it just seemed so wrong for my computer subject to get a measly B- when I seriously contemplated scoring -almost- the full 100 marks in the paper. Oh well, the same goes with cell biology, knowing that I can't answer just ONE question, but the others were alright, I was thinking about ace-ing this subject as well. That the outcome was a lowly B- meant I wasn't the most delighted person on Earth for obvious reasons.

I wish to see myself in the Dean's List in the coming semester.

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