Thursday, April 12, 2012

Keeping Up The Chase

Ages since I last did anything at all over here.

Many things have passed, Anti-Lynas stuff, birthday stuff (cakes made me fat again) and guitar concert stuff. Things I do not wish to elaborate on too much since there's nothing much to share.

What's more important is the biology and laboratory stuff. I've told myself time and time again I came here to fucking STUDY and learn new things that will benefit my career. And nothing else should get in the way.

Since the university requires us to obtain soft skill points (Well, I can interact well with you, if you want to. If you treat me like rubbish I'll treat you the same. Problem?) and worse of all I think we need a total of 100++ points before graduation.

You may ask, how are we supposed to obtain these 'points'. Doesn't matter what good shit you do, as long as you attend talks, workshops etc you'll get them. It's as if I've never talked to people in my whole life. And oh, the aforementioned talks and workshops will make your wallet thinner as well.

(There are free ones, and some up to RM120, mind you. But how much you pay is a little directly proportional to how many points you get. For example, you attend the free talk, you get 5 points; you attend the RM80 talk, you get 20 points. Money-milking machine, I suppose. Ask any UTAR student and there's a big chance they'll tell you the same.)

Oh and by the get points too if you're in the committee members list of the various societies here. And also you get the points too if you register to be a helper or committee member in organising events. I jumped at the chance to do so, and found the job a little tiring. Maybe not worth the 15 points I got but I dunno.

Now to worry about my internship problems. I've never worked before so this will be the first time I join the white collar crew. October 1, if I get through the remaining semesters without a scratch, will be the day I start working, albeit just for a couple of months. So I'm keeping myself occupied with these worrying stuff.

That's all.

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