Friday, June 1, 2012

Ideal World?

An ideal world, according to me.

One where money does not influence the things we do.
- People are reward-driven.
- Most common reward at the present is money.

One where people are devoid of financial cravings and reward through financial means is considered a last resort.

One in which people strive to succeed, just for the feeling of accomplishment and the privilege of being able to help mankind advance.
- Our genes still show that we have the cavemen principle of our ancestors. We tend not to believe in things until we see it for ourselves, for example we would rather go to a concert than get an autograph from an idol.
- The reward of the feeling of accomplishment is barely seen in modern days, with people too money-minded to actually do something that is beneficial to mankind. People like Nikola Tesla and Mahatma Gandhi are great examples of successful individuals not being influenced by money.

One in which transparency is the main value, people treat each other with integrity.
- Lies are unnecessary if we are to advance together. There is no need to keep things to ourselves when the whole world wishes to hear your discoveries. A liar is not able to live comfortably with a lie remaining in his head.

One in which people are free to choose whatever way they wish to live.
- Be it straight, homo or bi, people's choice for a partner is to be respected. It is not fair to view people different from us as individuals with lower social statuses. They can help contribute to society as well, only if we give them the equality and freedom they deserve.
- The same goes to people of different genders, races and ages.

One where people are not suppressed by illogical teachings by irrelevant authorities and clergymen.
- Religion acts like a two-edged sword. One side sees people being enlightened and tend to follow rules and teachings to guide their lives better. On the other hand, it segregates people and accounts for unnecessary bloodshed and potentially forward-thinking ideas.
- People should not force others to adhere to a particular religion. This includes parents to children. The child should be allowed to mature first before allowing them to make decisions. But for those decisions that cannot be turned back, it is better to let the matured child decide for themselves, rather for parents to drag them into a bottomless pit.
- Personally I am not in favour of oppressive religions that require people to stand to a whole set of laws that very much govern their lives. This is the view of life from one entity's perspective. People should be allowed to live their own lives, without too much suppression from unnecessary teachings and ceremonies.

One where people uphold courtesy and straightforwardness at the same time.
- No nonsense talking and long descriptive stuff. These belong to movies and entertainment and stuff.

One where science is viewed as the engine of prosperity by all.
- Science drives money. People fail to grasp that for millennia and look what it has done to their respective civilisations (Arabs were the first pioneers of the numerals and have most of the stars named after them, but a religious movement brought an end to their advances, and look now how low they have plunged.)
- However, one should not be driven by greed and money. Instead, one should be willing to help mankind by upholding science and knowledge as the true currency.

One in which humans are aware of their full potential and are willing to be united to fulfill it.
- Wars with each other are unnecessary.
- This very much means the loss of patriotism towards one's country. But if the entirety of mankind is to prosper, some things just require sacrifice.

One in which we can view each other with respect and equality.

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